About SkirtMyPump

Wearing a skirt or dress with an insulin pump with tubing can prove extremely challenging. After years of struggling with where to safely and securely hold her insulin pump with tubing, and trying other ideas on the market, a formerly frustrated Type 1 diabetic created a comfortable, accessible solution for insulin pumpers; the ultimate solution for where to wear an insulin pump, the SkirtMyPump slip. 

The patented slip is designed with an innovative pocket with multiple, strategically placed openings to keep an insulin pump or other medical device secure, yet easily accessible, even when wearing a skirt or dress. The slip is available in six sizes and two colors and was designed so the pump is held in between the knee and upper thigh area, keeping the bulge of the pump discreet and avoiding rubbing against hip bones. 

Word caught on within the entertainment industry and now the slips are being used on a wide variety of tv shows to hold microphone packs under skirts and dresses of actresses.  

Travelers are also using the innovative slip to discreetly carry important items such as their passport, money, hotel key and even their phone while out and about seeing the sights.