How To Use the SkirtMyPump Undergarment

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How to wear your pump securely, yet accessibly, under your dress...

How to best wear your insulin pump in the innovative SkirtMyPump

Put the SkirtMyPump slip on so it rests comfortably on your waist line


After you have put your SkirtMyPump slip on, while keeping your pump tubing connected to the cannula, slide the pump and some of the tubing into the pocket opening near the waist band, between your skin and the SkirtMyPump slip.  

Make sure the zippers are closed so your pump doesn't fall out of the pockets 

The pump slides in the pocket opening between your skin and the skirt, keeping your tubing as close to your insertion site as possible.

Put on your dress over your SkirtMyPump slip and smile at the new-found ease of wearing your pump with a dress (or a skirt!) 

Put your skirt or dress over your SkirtMyPump slip and voila, pump's in place, safely yet accessibly!

Zippered pockets make it easy to quickly and discreetly bolus 

Accessing your medical device while you're wearing a dress has never been easier.

Actresses and singers have also been using the SkirtMyPump slip to hold microphone packs while on set or performing live

Actresses have been using the SkirtMyPump to hold their microphone packs comfortably under their dresses

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  • I presently use shorts with a pocket or camisole with pocket. How is this easier and more discreet?
    How low is the pocket? It’s expensive so I want to make sure I understand the benefit than what I presently use.

    Donna Ernst on
  • Hi! I’m curious about sizing. I don’t won’t anything too tight…. I am 58 years old, wear size 30 waist Levi’s, and a size 8 in dresses. I was thinking a size 32 would be best, but noticed a size jump from 30 to 34. Would a 34 be too big?? Thank you, Terri

    Terri on

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